I was going to edit this video. But then I decided not to.

And I was going to show it to our spokesman Michael Henry Dunn, and our lead legal monk warrior, Prince Judge Matthew. But then I decided not to.

I was at least going to chop of my foul language at the very end, when I discovered that my laptop cord popped off the laptop when I moved it, and then it died so the good microphone didn’t work and I just have the crappy on-camera mic for sound. Yep. I dedicated not to. Because this came from my heart instead of a script that I was trying to do a week ago that didn’t work for me. 

I also know that I don’t have time to do it and that it won’t go up right away when I’m in the mood to get it up and I have paying clients who have been so patient with me as I work on this project. So, that said, this is a long humble and honest diatribe from me to you. It’s about what I have learned from my journey so far as campaign director. And how I feel about it. It’s over 20 minutes long. Get popcorn. If you watch it, I suspect that you are tribe and that you will share it with others who you think are too. And maybe we can really do something here. 

For those of you who know me, you know I hate being in front of a camera. So, here you go. I did it. It’s not the right color balance and the sound sucks and there is a weird part where it transitions when I’m making a funny face because I’m trying not to cry, I think. 


Namaste. <3 Robyn 

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