The ACIJ can only operate on the grass-roots and institutional funding available to the host NGO, Ignita Veritas University, a tax-exempt non-profit licensed institution,  Grants SHALL NOT imply any influence beyond the stated public purposes of the ACIJ.  All funds shall be used exclusively to uphold the letter and spirit of Human Rights Laws.


  • Public Rules of Court – Expert work by specialized Judges to complete consolidation of 70 years of international law into the ACIJ Rules of International Judicial Procedure, Rules of Administration of Judicial Evidence (RAJE), and Statute of International Criminal Offenses (SICO), positioning the Court for later public operations
  • Judiciary Networking – Multimedia content development, educational video production, international travel and accommodations, and networking events, to educate and recruit Judiciary professionals to support and further populate the Court
  • Public Awareness – Multimedia content development, informational video production, and social media campaigns, to raise public awareness, attract, establish and mobilize a global grass-roots base of support for the Court
  • Full-Time Management Staff – Establish sustainable operations for core management staff to train and coordinate worldwide efforts of volunteers


  •  Judges’ Manual for Enforcement of Human Rights – Expert work by an accredited International Judge assisted by an association of Judges, to complete an authoritative handbook for effective application of human rights laws, for use by Judges, human rights lawyers and advocates, and even by plaintiff-victims worldwide
  • Recruit Investigators & Enforcers – Recruiting, basic training and accreditation of Instruction Judges for investigations, and Compliance Judges for enforcement of judgments
  • Secure Communications Infrastructure – Establish and deploy systems for secure and encrypted mobile and international communications, for protection of Judiciary operations, officers of the Court, witnesses and plaintiff-victims
  • Full-Time Judiciary Administration Staff – Establish sustainable operations for expanded staff to manage worldwide activities of investigating Instruction Judges, enforcement Compliance Judges, and adjudicating Presiding Judges of the Court


  • Legal Research & Development – Specialized academic and legal research on worldwide precedents, plaintiff and defense arguments, for common types of cases expected to be adjudicated by the Court, as a proprietary body of in-house reference works to accelerate effective processing of cases
  • Retaining Outsourced Law Firms – Arranging for long-term, routine and on-call outsourced support from choice law firms specializing in defending human rights, to supplement the in-house resources of the Court and its Judges
  • Full-Time Presiding Judges & Clerks – Establish sustainable operations for a core team of Presiding Judges, each accompanied by assigned support staff, to maintain exclusive full-time work for Judiciary functions of the Court
  • Outreach to Victim Advocacy Groups – Establishing cooperation with advocacy groups specializing in civil rights, human rights and international law, who are in a position to refer victims and cases to the Court with substance and evidence.

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The ACIJ is tax-exempt by statutory 501(a) non-profit status, and all donations are tax-deductible under 170(c)(2).