justice belongs to the peopleā€¦

A storm of protest by the people is rolling across our planet in the face of a systematic attack upon human rights and national sovereignty.  The global courts of international law are wholly inadequate to address this threat to human welfare.  A web of interlocking elite financial interests which now dominate Western government and military acts with impunity to further an agenda which is clearly hostile to the freedom of mankind.

LET US BE CLEAR: Justice4Humanity is not TRYING to form a new International Human Rights Court -- IT ALREADY EXISTS. This is YOUR Court. A LEGAL, LICENSED, VIABLE AND ENFORCEABLE International Human Rights Court for the People - The Arbitration Court of International Justice (ACIJ).

Specific little-noticed provisions of international law, enacted by the UN General Assembly as binding upon all UN member countries, fully authorize and empower an independent non-governmental Court to exercise universal jurisdiction over all matters of International Law - provided that such a court meets certain criteria. The ACIJ meets those criteria.  These provisions have remained unused - UNTIL NOW. For the past 5 years, a small and dedicated group of judges, lawyers and human rights advocates have quietly worked to build the legal infrastructure, volunteering their time and donating personal funds to make it happen.

Justice4Humanity was created as an awareness and fundraising campaign to support the ACIJ. It's time. And WE NEED YOU. We need your support in spirit, in Social Media and in any amount that you may be able to give to meet our funding goals to quickly move the Court into action. This court will not be funded by Governments or special interest groups. It needs to be funded by the people, for the people.

 We are here to answer your questions.  PLEASE TAKE A FEW MINUTES and watch our introduction video below, read the information available here on the site and watch and listen to the early interviews which answer many questions as well.

6 MINUTES OF REVELATION: Move from dismay into inspired action - watch the Justice4Humanity Introductory Video here and share with friends of Human Rights & Justice.